Industrial Hygiene Services

NIOSH Method 7400 Issue 2

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) is widely used to measure fiber concentrations of air samples.  Sampling for this analysis area routinely taken at asbestos abatement sites and acan be applied to environmental monitoring, personnel monitorying and clearance testing for abatement projects.  An analysis by PCM indicating high fiber caounts does not necessarily indicate the presence of asbestos.  Likewise, lo fiber counts by PCM cannot conclude an asbestos free envirnoment.  PCM Merely provides an Index of the total airborne fibers present in a given size range.  APASI Lab utilizes the current revision of National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Method 7400.


Polarized Light Microscopy (Visiual Estimation)

RCF is used primarily as an insolation.  Visually, it is often times mistaken for fiber glass.  Although, RCF is largely not regulated some industrial intetiies have found it beneficial to their employees to identify this material and treat it as hazardous.  It has been know to cause eye, skin and gastointestinal irritation. MSDS Information


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