Mycology/Mold Services

Tape Lift, Swab or Bulk Material

Fungal Mold Inditification helps in the determination of harmful mold spores present on surfaces. This method of identification is used to determin the percent and type of fungal mold spores present by obtaining scrapings or placing a swab or tape directly to the area in question.


Sampled using spore trap device

By Air-O-Cell, Cyclex, Allergenco D, or other spore trap cassette/device - This method of identification is used to provide an actual count and identification of different spores present in the air by pulling samples using a vacuum pump and an air trap device.  When the air of the area of concern is pulled through a vacuum pump the spores, hyphea and other particulate materials are trapped on the spore trapmedia.  At the laboratory this media is then prepared by the analyst for evaluation under the microscope.  This method will give an overall analysis of the air quality in the area of concern.



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