Natural Origin - A large category of spores (produced in a sac-like structure) that are found everywhere in nature. They are considered a wet weather spore. They are plentiful during light rainfall or in pre-dawn hours when condensation is heavy. Ascomycete/Ascospore is sometimes used as a general morphological identification (i.e. the ascus or sac structure is present) for certain samples in those cases when the spores do not appear to represent any of the indoor air quality (IAQ) significant genera.

Indoor Origin - Most commonly brought in by outside air movement (wind disseminated).

Pathogenicity - Most Ascospores of health or IAQ importance are identified separately by their genus (e.g. Chaetomium).

Diseases - If there are any known, they will be listed with the identified genus.

Allergen - If there are any known, They will be listed with the identified genus.

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